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Medical effects

Leukerbad Therme Sommer Wasser

Today, classical Balneology is often spa-specific due to the natural local remedies such as medicinal water, gases and peloids (medicinal mud, mud, mud and silt). Balneology different effect components, that is to say mechanical, thermal, chemical and non-specific irritant effects.

Mechanical effects

  • Due to the buoyancy of water, the actual weight of the body rocks in the water are less than 10%. Thus, the joints movements in the water move easier. In addition, the support and postural muscles is reflexively relaxed in the water.
  • The viscosity of the frictional resistance counteracts the movement of the human body. The muscles are strengthened by training in therapies in the water (swimming fins, WetVest-aqua jogging) and the movement harmonized.

Thermal effects

  • The thermal effects relax the muscles, improve the elasticity of the connective tissue and liquefy the synovial fluid - the latter has on arthritic joints a positive impact.

Chemical effects of the thermal water
The water uptake and release through the skin and ions are exchanged.

  • The mineral springs in Leukerbad contain predominantly calcium sulfate minerals, Ex. Gypsum. Warm waters gypsum relieves rheumatic and neurological conditions and help after an accident.
  • Similarly, these mineral waters are diuretics and constipation.

(Source: Dr. Otto Knüsel, Bad Ragaz)


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