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Hydrogeology is the branch of Earth Sciences, which deals with the phenomena and properties of the underground water, groundwater. Under thermal springs the groundwater’s temperature, the water is above 20 ° C.

General information about the thermal springs
The thermal springs of Leukerbad have been used since Roman times to the present day without interruption. In Leukerbad 8 source categories for balneotherapy or energy purposes are used currently. A total of approximately 65 thermal springs have been entered in a register. It is lukewarm percolation water outlets to the 51 ° C warm St. Lorenz spring, which has a very constant yield of about 900 l / min.
The thermal springs partly come directly from the existing fractured old lime stones and rarely from the light rays on the clay However, several sources have to make their way from the rocky thermal by a thick cover of unconsolidated, for ex.- in the cad the St. Lawrence Source is this case. The total thermal water yield in Leukerbad is estimated to be about 3000 l / min unmixed thermal water.

Composition of the thermal water
All of the thermal waters of Leukerbad originates from one spring. It is a calcium-sulphate water with a slightly increased content of sodium, strontium, iron, and a remarkable fluoride content. It has a high content of dissolved solids (1800-2000 mg / l). In part, it contains a dark brown substance, which comes from the carrying basking schists. The typical sources for many bright russets red mud ("mud") is caused by the high iron content. All thermal springs have a certain admixture of cold water (9-40%).

Origin of the thermal waters
Its long journey begins east of Leukerbad in the area between Majing and Torrenthorn. Here at Wysss Lake and Schwarz Lake, at about 2300 up to 3000 m infiltrated water from precipitation and penetrates through steeply dipping fracture systems up to about 500 m below sea level into the mountains. The water is saturated in the vicinity of the Triassic gypsum, calcium and sulfate, and then rises as thermal water due to heating up to in the numerous springs in Leukerbad again to emerge from the shadows. The water is longer than 40 years on the underground flow paths on the go with safety, as determined by means of tritium measurements. To what extent the crystalline rocks of the Aarmassives also come into contact with the subterranean route is still being debated controversially.
Earthquakes, changes in the precipitation situation and, not least, construction activities may influence the yield and the properties of the thermal springs.


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