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Hiking in the region of the Gemmi


The Gemmi was committed since time immemorial and served as one of the main north-south axes. Well-known personalities such as Goethe, Guy de Maupassant, Mark Twain, Lenin or Picasso left their footprints here. Follow the trail and discover an unique high alpine scenery.

The historic route from Leukerbad to its summit was once suspect. Today he is regarded as an attraction, where you earned every meter of height. A real experience for adults and children is the Dauben Lake, perfect for a family day, during the hike up to Kandersteg.

If you want to only play from Kulm, to bring the Gemmi effortlessly on the pass!

Hikes propositions in the region of the Gemmi:

  • Gemmiwand mystisch
    Leukerbad–Gemmi pass–Schwarenbach–Kandersteg (7:00)
  • Gemmi Herbst wandern
    From the Gemmi pass, a 2-hour hiking trail takes you down and around the Dauben Lake. While hiking, you can enjoy the peace and quiet as well as the beauty of the Alps.
  • Gemmi überzuckert
    Leukerbad-Gemmi pass–Adelboden (7:50)
  • Lammerenhuette_internet
    From the Gemmi pass a marked mountain trail leads across rugged high-alpine terrain to the Swiss Alpine Club's Lämmeren hut.
  • Tafel_Gletscherpfad
    Ten marked stations provide information about landforms, geology, flora and fauna in the run-up to the Wildstrubel.


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