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The history of Inden


Inden, a typical village in the Valais, enjoys an ideal location just 6 km away from the famous health resort and holiday destination of Leukerbad. The village with its 120 residents was already mentioned in Goethe’s travel report of 1779 and is among other things a stage along the Dala-Raspille cultural trail from Leukerbad to the well known wine-growing villages of Varen and Salgesch. You’ll find evidence of many different historical periods along the trail. One of the attractions is the recently spruced up limekiln below Inden. The road to Leukerbad across the Gemmi has always passed through Inden. Even today, the so-called “Roman Bridge” (1539) and the rock blasted out near the “Varen ladders” (1739) still recall the various heydays of the route across the Gemmi. Today, too, Inden is not only a point of transit but an ideal place to live as well as a gateway for outings: the delights of Leukerbad are just 10 minutes away, and the little cultural town of Leuk, the Pfyn-Finges nature reserve and the shopping centres in the valley can be easily and conveniently reached within half an hour.

Enjoy your stay in the typical Valais village of INDEN, surrounded by a unique mountain world, and admire the well preserved cultural assets of our ancestors such as the unique 18th century church organ.


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