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Leisure facilities

Other themed trails

If an easy hike and to enjoy the scenery alone is not enough for you?
Then our themed paths are right for you!

The selection is varied and who makes there choice makes there on ordeal.

  • _J7A0637
    Learn here the secret of Pfyfoltru wine from Varen! (about 1.5 hours)
  • Varen_Wein
    Between Leuk and Martigny in the footsteps of Valais wines - on foot or by bike, depending on your preference
  • Gemmiwand mystisch
    An international long distance hiking by all eight Alpine countries runs - also via Leukerbad!
  • Dorf Albinen 011 mit Pfarrhaus
    A sunny hike through wide Valais Leukerbad and the Leuker Sonnenberge.
  • wildstrubel7
    Alpentrek im Banne des 3244m hohen Wildstrubels
    Die Tour rund um den Wildstrubel ist ein Alpentrek der besonderen Art und ein unvergessliches Bergerlebnis.
  • Gemmi Sommer Schwarznasenschaf
    Die Alpenerlebnisroute - näher am Fels führt kein anderer Weg. Landschaftlich sehr vielseitige Passwanderungen über Gemmi, Hohtürli und Sefinenfurgge.
  • Tafel_Gletscherpfad
    A trail to the high alpine landscape and flora and fauna in the area of the wild canyon (approx. 5 hours)
  • cook_living_history_hof3_04


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